I09 has a great story on a beverage now thought to be used by people in an ancient city called Cahokia. No records were left behind by its peoples but there still exists writings on artifacts.

Writings preserved are on pottery, copper, wood and stone. There appear to be classic earth-worshipping symbols such as the four directions and the elements. Cahokia practiced the very cool method of culture pottery, using river shell as a tempering agent in clay.

Archaeologists found pottery beakers from the city. On the beakers was residue from the Black Drink, a coffee like beverage brewed by native tribes and ancient cities. The beverage is made from dried leaves of Yaupon holly and would be too much for even the most avid Starbucks drinkers.

The plant is related to ayahuasca, also used to make drinks by native peoples of Columbia for divine and healing purposes. The black drink is generally used in tribal cultures for fertility and reincarnation rituals.