I was reading yet another atheist blog. It seems Dr. Dgt, an astrophysicist, is their new target. Atheists are ticked off because he is becoming a popular science guy in the media, but he refuses to shout out on the rooftops the Pledge of allegiance to atheism.

He seems to agree with my stance; that the group has become rather pushy. The problem is that Fundamentalists are relishing the idea that the non-religious have formed a group almost as delusional and controlling as they are; the right wing would love nothing more than to see scientists grouped into an easy-to-define religion.

Several bloggers have told me I am merely “in the closet” and am fearful of coming out, lest I be persecuted. I told them to visit my blog. Do I look timid? One blogger said I am an atheist just as someone who does not eat meat is a vegetarian. I replied that the secular are vegetarians; atheists are the animal-rights group, with whom I have no desire to align.

I’m guessing DgT’s experience has been similar to mine; atheists finding out I am a scientist, and trying to convert me to their side. Dgt said it best: that when you give yourself an inflammatory label, the right wing will assume they know everything there is to know about you. And science. The fact that atheists are obsessed with Christianity tells me that many of them may have been subject to torment at the hands of the church. I feel sorry for them, but I grew up in a nonreligious household and simply cannot relate.

As I said, assigning a viewpoint to science is the worst thing we can do. Kevin Padian and others have spoken out not only against Creationism, but also atheism. As Dgt said, the only “ist” I am is a scientist. Listen how well Dgt expresses this.